19 October, 2020

Emily In Paris is one of the most watched new shows on Netflix that was released in October 2020 and we, at CreativeHub thoroughly enjoyed watching.

It follows Emily Cooper, a young social media marketing executive from Chicago. She was hired to work at a newly acquired French marketing firm called Savoir as its “American point of view”.

The show gives good insights in social media marketing. Here we bring to you top 5 lessons we learnt watching Emily in Paris.

Personal branding

Emily in Paris puts personal branding front and center. Emily’s consistency in her brand voice, content and messaging resulted in professional opportunities. In social media marketing, having a personal brand that showcases expertise and personality can open doors in the field.

Influencer marketing

Emily in Paris highlights do’s and don’ts in influencer and creator relations. Emily was able to bring her presence to life with her social media account @EmilyInParis. In the show, Emily was invited to an influencer event, and while others were posting selfies and promoting themselves, she was a real fan of the makeup brand and made sure the content reflect why she liked the brand and was not there just for the exposure.

Use Your Audience's Voice 

In the show, Emily says “To build a brand, you need social media engagement. It's about content, trust, interest, and engagement.” And she's not afraid to go all-in on these foundations. 

She find the best in almost any otherwise monotonous topics. She's honest, thus gaining trust. And when it comes to engagement, she's more than willing to take the users’ side.

For example, in the naked model French perfume commercial, Emily suggests they put a poll on Twitter to ask the audience whether it's “sexy or sexist?” Putting the dilemma right in consumers' faces is gutsy and can cause some stir. 

It empowers consumers in a way that builds relationships with them. “Let the world decide and make it a part of your campaign,” she says as it will get a conversation going. 

Find Inspiration Around You 

When Emily visits an art museum featuring Van Gogh's “The Starry Night,”– she gets an entire campaign idea for one of her company's largest clients. 

“Let's harness the power of social media and ask people to come to sleep with us,” she suggests when speaking about her campaign idea for the bedding brand. 

The slogan? “To sleep under the stars” on the most beautiful streets in Paris. Of course, the client loved it.

Be open to possibilities

Last but not least, being open to possibilities is vital as a social media marketer. You have to be open to new ideas and challenges that will come your way as a professional. It is one way of allowing you to grow and test your limits and creativity. This helps her love Paris and embrace the newness it brings to her life.