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Illustrating the excellence of apparel design, sourcing and manufacturing of Star Garments

Star Garments, a premier apparel design, sourcing and manufacturing company, needed a Corporate video featuring their facility and process, that would stand out from the rest.

To executing a proper plan to following a well written script to preproduction and finally filming and editing the video, we raised conversion rates & built engagement by creating a truly engaging corporate video.

Blending eco luxury with nature on camera

Aqua Dunhinda, an eco luxury villa was one of our favourite places to film, with scenic mountains and mighty rivers.

We created a corporate video that showed off the beautiful property. We edited it to an exciting music track and based it around a central moment of uplifting emotion. We filmed specifically to give an eco luxury feel to the video which integrated well and brought more value to the Villa.

A corporate video for Amagi Exports

Amagi Exports is a company that exports fresh seafood to other countries. We made a short video depicting how the goodness of the seas around Sri Lanka, preserved in freshness and premium quality to give Amagi’s customers a complete seafood experience.

A Guideline video for Pulse Clinic

“Pulse Clinic” is an app for STD Clinics and General Practitioners trained by the National STD/AIDS Control Programme (NSACP) to offer HIV screening services in Sri Lanka. A guideline video about the app was created by CreativeHub as an accompaniment for the App.

Campaign video for KNOW4SURE

KNOW4SURE is an online reservation system that aims to provide the most convenient means to make reservations for HIV testing services with the NSACP and preferred private practitioners for rapid HIV screening tests. We created a campaign video depicting the importance and value of KNOW4SURE!