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Will the Metaverse see an end to normal social behaviour?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been getting used to the new normal. We had to get used to doing our grocery shopping online, working from home, having classes online, and so much more. 
It was all still new to everyone, yet people started adapting to the changes. 

And now… the Metaverse!


Imagine working from home, but much more differently. Instead of being seated in front of a computer all by yourself, connecting with your peers using various apps such as Zoom, imagine working in a virtual environment. Work from anywhere in the world and still connect with your colleagues through AR and VR (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality).

Remember thinking how advanced and modern the “new normal” was? Wait till you see what the Metaverse has to offer!
It’s next level and it’s happening now!

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is a digital reality that combines aspects of AR, VR, Social Media, Online gaming, and etc. This means that you could even go on a virtual tour, attend a virtual concert, try on outfits virtually before purchasing them and even work from anywhere in the world.

Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite is a popular free-to-play Battle Royale Game where you could build an island, fight, and even watch a concert. Multiple artists including Marshmello, Ariana Grande, Travis Scott held virtual concerts on the platform where players were able to join and enjoy the shows from their homes. Another gaming platform to host virtual concerts was Roblox which was yet another hit.

(Virtual concert video - Fortnite)


Work in the Metaverse

The Metaverse will definitely take things higher than you could possibly imagine. Mark Zuckerberg,the CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook, Inc.) has decided to enter the Metaverse, enabling users to experience life in a new form where virtual interactions will be the normal behaviour. He mentioned how people could do their shopping virtually, meet up with friends, work and hold meetings virtually and even view various media files (videos, images, etc.) virtually. 

In the video below, he explains how it will be, working in the Metaverse.



How will the Metaverse affect normal social behaviour?

Remember when countries went under lockdowns and people were stuck at home? Working from home was easier than having to commute to work daily. It was easier shopping online than visiting the stores physically. Of course it took a while for people to get used to these new changes, but it happened either way.


The Metaverse however, is not that simple. You could work from home and actually interact with your colleagues as if you were with them. You could try clothes on your avatar when shopping, to see if they fit you well.  And of course! You will be able to meet up with your friends at different locations, all virtually. Just like people got used to the “new normal”, it is likely that the Metaverse will also turn into something normal.


Simply, this means that most of our normal social behaviour will be replaced by the Metaverse. 

How we work, how we shop, how we spend a day, everything, all of it, is bound to change.


Does the necessary technology exist?

It may seem simple, but it’s also quite complex. 

VR has come a long way throughout the years. Now you just have to put on a pair of glasses or headphones to see and experience things in 3D as you move around in a virtual world. 


However, to build greater, larger digital worlds, more advanced technology would be required. 

And for now, everything is still in the early stages.

Yet, with many organizations such as Meta and Microsoft diving into the Metaverse, it would be fair to assume that at least up to some extent, they are prepared for it all.


Will they succeed in entering the Metaverse? Will it really see an end to normal social behaviour?

We are yet to find out!


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