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YouTube Keyword Research Made Easier?

YouTube has launched a new feature which will take conducting keyword research a step further.


YouTube Keyword Research Made Easier With Search Insights

YouTube creators can now gain more insights on what people are searching for on the platform, and identify the estimated search volume for each query. This enables you, the creators, to create content based on what your audience is searching for on YouTube and thereby, create more content.

Search Query

What is YouTube “Search Insights”?

Search Insights is an experimental feature that is currently being tested on YouTube Studio. 

Search insights will help to gather information on:

  • What are the general YouTube audiences searching for?
  • Estimated search volume for each query
  • Whether there is a “content gap” (space between what users are searching for) on the search queries

This feature also allows you to see what users have searched for over the last 28 days.

However, the feature does not allow creators to track individual searches by individual users. Instead, these insights will be in aggregated form.
But, you can look up viewer searches for any keyword across the many topics available on YouTube.


How to use YouTube Insights?

First, you go to the YouTube Studio.

On the left hand side, you’ll find the menu with Analytics.

Click on analytics and navigate to the Research Section which contains a tab with the title “Your Viewers’ Searches”. 

This will show a list of the top searches from your viewers, or from viewers of channels similar to yours. 


YouTube Tagging

Youtube allows you to have tags on your videos.

For instance, let’s say that you are posting a video tutorial on how to make pizza at home. In this case, you could include tags like #pizzarecipe #tutorial or any other relevant tags. 
With the new feature available on YouTube, you will be able to add the keywords that people are searching for as tags on your videos. This will help YouTube understand what your video is about and display it to users.



This is a huge change from the usual! 

Until now, creators created content without any assurance that people are actually running search queries relevant to their content. But now, creators can ensure what people are searching for, and create content that suits them. This is likely to help YouTubers gain more benefits than they did before, by creating the relevant and appropriate content on the platform.



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