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Enterprise Software- Datapel UI/UX Redesign Process at CreativeHub

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What is an enterprise software and why does UI/UX matter?

Enterprise softwares are mostly the softwares utilized by industries, enterprises to monitor, maintain, and manage solid workflows. Few of the examples are customer relationship management software, marketing platforms, HR software, warehouse management and so on. The UI/UX of enterprise softwares are vital to improve efficiency, ease the use and functionality for everyday purposes.


In this article, you will read about the enterprise UI/UX design at CreativeHub with reference to Datapel. 


About Datapel 

Datapel is an Australian based B2B warehouse management software (WMS) provider with an international clientele of enterprises.  Their solution delivers an efficient inventory and order management with features such as real-time insights of orders, inventory, advanced stock lookup, order tracking, integration of popular accounting packages and so on.


The UI/UX design process at CreativeHub


Datapel was in need of a total redesign of their outdated WMS user interface to enhance user experience. 


01. Research 


At our initial stage, we conducted a thorough research on the Datapel WMS, target audience, and the business requirements. 


Before we stepped into design, we used the WMS to determine which workflow and user interface (UI) areas were frequently used, and prioritised accordingly. With the research data and analysis, we conducted a comprehensive UI/UX audit of the existing Datapel WMS system. Our findings were documented such as the UI design patterns, inconsistencies in styles and the elements that has to be modern. 


To define the main issues within the Datapel WMS, we focused on: 

  • UI/UX audit : Analyzing data and insights from the existing WMS to understand user behavior
  • User research : Examine the target market to design empathetic designs
  • User Interviews : Recognize the issues that users faced and develop empathy for them. 
  • User Personas : We created user personas that align with the target audience. 
  • Stakeholder Interviews : Speak with stakeholders and internal specialists. Who is advocating for this?
  • Competitive Analysis :  A study of how competitors resolve similar issues and spot business prospects


02. Ideate

The ideation stage is where we brainstormed, questioned everything and added ideas into developing a  strategy. With the solid understanding of users, the market, and the competitive landscape we've gained through research, we ideated on a product strategy, brand identity, visual design, user experience. Some of our methodologies of gathering ideas were mood boards, value proposition mapping, concept sketching , story boarding, card sorting.


03. Design 

We first designed a design system of iconography, colors UI kit, typography, light mode and dark mode and sent it for approvals. After the client's approval, we proceed with the UI/UX design, wire frames, prototypes and more. It took us 8 weeks to complete 12 main screens, 200+app screens.  


datapel dashboard
Datapel Dashboard


Datapel inventory
Datapel Inventory


Datapel reports
Datapel Reports


04. Validate 

During the validation stage, we consulted with the stakeholders, users, and customers to ensure that the the solution effectively addresses their requirements. AB Testing helped us identify the most suitable version out of several UI options and improve the UX and product functionality. User testing and usability testing amongst a group of people with different levels of knowledge helped us recognize the points of imporvements. 



The enterprise UI/UX redesign enabled users to seamlessly navigate through a modern, user-friendly WMS. The clients received positive feedback from its users. 



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