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How to Optimize PPC for Holiday Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The holiday season is finally upon us!
You know what that means! You need a new holiday strategy.

What? You don’t have one?
No worries! We’ve got you covered!

Let’s see how you can optimize your PPC strategy this Christmas!


What is PPC optimization?

“PPC (Pay-per-click) is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers will pay a fee each time someone clicks on their ads.”

Let’s take an example to make this easier.
Let’s say you run a company which produces household items. You have identified a blog that most of your target audience enjoys visiting, and you decide to run ads of your brand on this blog. For each time someone clicks on this ad, you will pay the blog owner a certain fee. This is known as PPC or pay-per-click. 

“PPC optimization refers to the practice of analysing and improving your PPC campaigns.”


5 Ways to Optimize PPC campaigns

Keyword Targeting (Target Holiday Keywords)

Most brands miss out on this great opportunity. It does not take a lot of effort to optimize your keywords to suit the holiday season. 
Let’s take an example!



The above picture displays the results for the search query “Christmas gift ideas for friends”. As seen above, any other time, these websites would be selling general products. However, during the Christmas season people are likely to search for Christmas gift ideas. In this case, they won’t have any idea of what gifts they want to get their friends. 

This is where targeting holiday keywords comes in handy. 
You can make your brand/products appear on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) by targeting Christmas related keywords.

Since you sell household items online, you could add keywords such as “Christmas gifts” or “gift ideas” in order to appear on the SERP. 
Whether or not they actually do place an order, they will still be aware of your business and therefore have a higher chance of converting into a customer. 


Target Last-Minute Shoppers

There will always be a long list of shoppers who look up for “last minute deals” during the holidays. Targeting keywords such as “delivered before Christmas” and “last minute gift ideas” will help your business rank in the SERP towards the end of Christmas.

Optimize Landing Pages

If your ad says “Get 50% off on kitchen items this Christmas!”, your landing page has to say the same. The ads will get people to your site, but it is the landing page that secures the deal. So if the landing page includes the same message, consumers will find it easier to navigate and find their way through the website to the discounted items. Moreover, the website must also be optimized for the use of mobile phones. If your website is user friendly and mobile friendly, then users/consumers would have a pleasant experience on your website. This means that, they are likely to revisit your website again for repeat purchases.


Creative ads

I mean, it’s Christmas right? There could be plenty of people who will see your ad without having any idea of who you are. But, by putting up creative and unique ads, you’re likely to get more clicks on them. Ads with a Christmas touch and a trustworthy look are more likely to attract consumers to your business.

Remarketing Ads

There may be consumers who left their wish lists and carts on your website without checking them out. Through remarketing ads, you can convince them to visit your website again by announcing special offers and discounts or using creative ads with important content. This is likely to get them to your website and shop for items they like.

This may include website visitors, the ones who abandoned their carts halfway through. And even previous buyers from your site.



There are more than five ways to optimize PPC for the holiday season. However, it is evident that optimizing PPC for the holiday season is important and that it could help you gain many benefits.

If you have not already gotten a PPC strategy for your business, you definitely should! 

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