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How We Simplified Online Catering Services of Perera and Sons

Perera and Sons has been in business for over 120 years and is one of the largest bakery chains in Sri Lanka. They took their desire to provide top-tier cuisines to Sri Lankans to the next level by digitalizing their services through their dynamic website. This website covered the services they promised, but unfortunately, there was one area of concern with the catering menu they offered online.


It was outdated, making it difficult for Perera and sons to keep up with user demands. An automated quotation generator replaced the usual quotation to address the key issue of catering pricing. In effect, a quote is generated when the user adds the number of guests and the menu of their preference.   With HTML, CSS, and Javascript as front-end development languages, NodeJS, and Strapi Headless CMS were implemented to facilitate this successfully.



How we facilitated the automated quotation generator. 

We were aware of the potential volume of quotations that could come from the front-end and Javascript was the ideal solution to enable this efficiently due to JavaScript's ability to be processed without being sent to the server, which lessens the server load.


Suppose a customer is going through the Perera and Sons website in their browser and he/she has activated a JavaScript event as a result of wanting to access catering services. The moment it is triggered, the JavaScript runtime stores the information in the message queue. Now if a callback function is executed which contains the stored information then it will be executed again within the loop. As you can see, Javascript allows us to manage multiple operations with a single thread, which sped up the process of providing Perera and Son's users with seamless quotes.



The Server-side is a significant part of every application where developers can approach, code, and control everything that a front-end user can’t. Perera and Sons' website is no different. With the back-end ecosystem constantly evolving and changing on a day-to-day basis, developing a backend for Perara and Sons that could cater to high-paced requests in large volumes was a challenge.  With the help of React Js and Node Js, we managed to facilitate the most optimum backend for Perera and sons.


The development of the required components was greatly facilitated by using the JSX syntactic extension for JavaScript. It takes HTML quoting and makes it easier to render subcomponents. Actually, it is a collection of writing rules, and by using them, we were able to maintain organization and clarity in our source code. And React JS improved the overall performance of this entire process through its functionalities like backend rendering, testability, native approach, data binding, and virtual DOM.


And each quotation will be stored in the back end for sales purposes. 


Coding with JSX(on left) & Coding without JSX (on right)


After ensuring the front-end and back-end provide the most optimal environment for quotes, the next step was to ensure that there is a database that can meet the necessary requirements of Perera and Sons which lead to our strategy of using a centralized database. Multiple files are used to store data in a conventional database system whereas a centralized database system, keeps all the information in a single location. Due to the fact that the data is all saved in one location, It’s easier to manage and grant access to all of the linked systems that satisfy all of a node's requirements. 


We realized that as Perera and Sons grows, so will the amount of internal and external data it collects. Therefore scalability of their database is crucial and with the centralized database system, they can expand accordingly to suit the requirements.


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