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MarTech the New Age of Marketing Technology | CreativeHub

What is MarTech?

Marketing Technology, also known as MarTech, refers to the software and tech tools used to optimise and personalise contacts with customers across any marketing channel while also achieving set marketing goals or objectives.

In terms of market size and growth, the MarTech landscape has continued to expand.


These are some of the MarTech tools that marketers usually expect in a MarTech stack (a cluster of tech tools):

  • Advertising tools
  • Social Media Management
  • Automation software
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • CMS (Content Management System)

Our vision towards MarTech|CreativeHub

To boost Marketing Operations for consumers and businesses, we have developed a set of advanced technologies so that you can enhance your business through best-in-class measurements and optimisation techniques. 


Our MarTech capabilities

What we provide:

  • Digital strategies
  • Motion Graphics
  • Websites and E-commerce
  • 3D virtual tours
  • Branding
  • Mobile apps
  • Multi Level marketing


Over the years we have been able to cater to the requirements of our clients just the way they prefer. With the assistance given by our in-house experts, we have been able to perform magic.

This includes providing a digital presence for offline-based/traditional brands, developing mobile applications, and increasing revenue.

Where digital is concerned, the sky's the limit for us at CreativeHub. 


In addition, our team of experts understands your requirements and provides you with the best solutions. And our MarTech capabilities have no limitations. All of the tools mentioned above will be tailored by

Our tools will support you from attracting potential consumers and converting them to retaining and keeping them engaged. us so that it meets your requirements accurately. 

Our work

All along the way, we have been able to understand and meet our clients' requirements. Let's look into them one by one.

We have designed secure and user-friendly websites, e-commerce sites, and mobile apps for our clients. 

To further elaborate, for some of our clients, such as Muve, we have developed an attractive, conversion-focused, and extremely well-designed website.

And for some of our clients, such as Comfort World, our team of experts developed a high-end web solution, implemented AR (augmented reality), and facilitated a premium 3D virtual tour, strengthening their overall online presence.


Check out the work we've done|CreativeHub


We ensure that your MarTech requirements are met perfectly. With the support of our team, who are experienced and qualified in precisely this, we provide you with the best marketing technologies and solutions to ensure that your business can operate efficiently.

Let’s have a chat on the best MarTech solutions for your business.

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