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Microsoft Windows 11 - Everything you need to know

While the PC has been a must-have for a very long time, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the sale of PCs increased rapidly. And now, Windows has released Windows 11, which enhances productivity and creativity. 

On the 5th of October (2021), Microsoft released Windows 11, a significant version of the Windows NT operating system (graphical operating system).

Microsoft Windows 11 Features

Widgets to the interface

On a recent Microsoft Windows 10 update, the taskbar menu included a "News and Interests" section displaying the weather, top stories, stocks, and the like.

This has been replaced in Microsoft Windows 11 with a new widget feature that gives you a glance at your calendar, photos, and to-do lists.  


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams will be directly built into the operating system, which is much easier for daily use. This chat can be used for personal purposes, while for work or school-related purposes, you will have to use the team's work or school app. The chat can be found on the taskbar easily.


Snap layouts 

When you hover over the maximize button (the square between X and the minimize button) or using the keyboard shortcut windows key + Z, you will be able to select a layout and position the windows with the guidance provided by snap assist. While there were only three available layouts in the past, there are six layouts to choose from now, although it depends on the screen size.  


Snap groups

Available on the taskbar, this feature allows you to switch between snapped windows and other apps without having to re-snap them again every time you open another app.



This feature enables you to create separate virtual desktops and customize them with different wallpapers.

So you can now have a different desktop for each purpose, whether it's for gaming, work, school, or even personal use. Plus, you can even switch between other desktops easily.

Android apps

You could install almost any android app, and these apps will pop up once you click on them.

Cons of Microsoft Windows 11 

Feature removals

There's a whole list of features that have been removed in Microsoft WIndows 11, including Cortana, internet explorer, start, news and interests, and so on. 


Task manager

You can no longer right-click on the taskbar to access the task manager. However, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Escape still works fine.


If you want the latest operating system, you'll need an Intel Core 8th gen or a newer processor, an AMD Ryzen 2000 processor, or a more recent processor. 

This means that if your computer is more than four years old, there is a high chance that it cannot be supported by Windows 11. 


Microsoft promoted that Windows 11 would have ease of use and improved performance over Windows 10. Also, Microsoft Windows 11 was built for gaming with the help of enhanced graphics. Microsoft promised to deliver an Xbox quality gaming experience on the PC in Windows 11 (better than Microsoft Windows 10). In addition to this, Microsoft Windows 11 is focused on increasing security, ensuring compatibility, and improving reliability. 

Yusuf Mehdi, (Corporate Vice President, Modern Life, Search and Devices at Microsoft) tweeted about Microsoft Windows 11, referring to it as a “new era for the PC.”

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