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What is Web Development?

Web development is the work involved in the creation of a website. Whether it's just a single page of plain text or complex applications and services, it would still be referred to as web development. 
Once developed, the website will be up and running like all other websites you find on the internet.


How we help with your website development

Gathering information/defining project -

First off, we start by researching and analyzing the most vital information, such as your goals, target audiences, competition, and other internal and external factors. By doing so, the rest of the web development process can be carried out smoothly.

Planning -

Using the data gathered in the first stage of the process, we can create a sitemap. A sitemap is a file where you provide information on the pages of the website, the multimedia files, and all other files on the site. 
Search engines will read this file and crawl your website more efficiently, which would enable you to appear on the search engine. 
While a sitemap focuses on the inner structure of a website, a wireframe which is a visual representation of the user interface that you'll create will act as a production sketch. Meaning that, it will not include any design elements. 

Design -

All the design elements/visual content such as images, videos, icons, and colors will be created and added. Depending on the theme of your brand and your audience, the selection of graphics, media, colors, and website layouts will differ. While your website affects your entire internet presence, having a poor website design would make you seem less credible, which would be bad for your brand's reputation. This is why we ensure that the design of your website is proper and perfect.

Content Creation -

It doesn't matter if your website looks appealing without the availability of acceptable content. Remember, the website visitors are here for the content! Content includes everything that you post on your website: images, videos, articles, blogs, all of it. A content writer has to write new content, edit and compile existing content, and create catchy headings. And strategic keyword optimization will bring visitors to your website. With the use of excellent and relevant calls to action (CTA), you have the opportunity of converting them into leads. 


Coding -

This is where things get technical. At this stage of the web development process, the developer takes up the job of coding just so that the website can function efficiently. This also includes creating the home page and all other landing pages, while the designer will also combine all the elements mentioned above to make the website.  

Testing -

Before uploading your website on the internet, we test the entire website as thoroughly as possible. This includes testing the links to see if they all work fine, checking that the code is valid, and checking the compatibility, spellings, grammar and punctuation, live URLs, metadata, the list keeps going. Once we're done with the final test and are confident that there are no errors, we then upload the website to a server.


Maintenance -

However, it does not end there. Even when your website goes live, we still have to ensure that everything works just fine while also checking up on the feedback systems and ensuring that the site is kept up-to-date. In case this isn’t done, you will generate no leads, and the site will begin to run slow. Worst case scenario, the website might even stop working. Therefore, maintenance is crucial.


It is a general assumption that the web development process starts with coding and ends once it goes live. However, considering the above-described stages, it's crystal clear that the web development process is much more different. By following each of the steps correctly and accurately, we make your website a lead-generating website. 

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