How a Mobile Application allowed doctors to statistically analyze STD patients.

NSACP - National STD/AIDS Control Programme

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Digital Strategy

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The Challenge

Over the years, high risk and vulnerable population have been finding partners online through various social media platforms and dating apps. However, this population is currently not linked to any HIV prevention, testing, or treatment services.

NSACP needed a platform where these populations can have access to all HIV-related services in a confidential manner.

The client needed an online reservation system that aims to provide the most convenient means to make reservations for HIV testing services with the NSACP and preferred private practitioners for rapid HIV screening tests while handling your data to ensure anonymity and privacy.


A promotional campaign was needed that would eliminate the complexity behind the word SEX and break down the barriers of education of Sexually Transmitted Diseases like HIV AIDS and bring in the necessary awareness about the disease.


A mobile application for STD clinics and General Practitioners to organize, create customized reports and necessary data for HIV screening and make processes faster and easier to STD clinics and General Practitioners was then needed to be designed for STD clinics and General Physicians with the functionality of saving and organizing data with the ability to find them quickly in a database when it is needed eading to higher productivity.

Our Strategy

First, CreativeHub came up with an idea that followed the following steps to represent the word SEX in basic shapes and colors that would make it look friendly, decent and modernized and would look youthful. We embraced the opportunity to diversify the designs with different colors making the design elements reflect youthfulness and friendliness.


The same fun color theme was followed throughout the entire campaign.Next, KNOW4SURE helps the user to go through a short questionnaire to learn about the risk of contracting HIV or other sexually transmitted infections.

KNOW4SURE helps to locate and plan a visit to a clinic. While the services are free in government clinics and you may incur a nominal price if you choose to visit a private practitioner. The app will show a list of these clinics that are nearest, and to choose a convenient time, then collect a few more pieces of information to plan the reservation – and then the reservation is complete.


The data collected in this app is for program purposes and will not be used to determine the identity. When this app requests the location data, risk-related information, or past HIV testing-related information, it will only be used to guide recommendations, to give the best possible clinic options and to understand the overall reach of this system online. Confidentiality and anonymity of the data/information will be ensured.


For the Pulse Clinic Mobile App, we created a complete backend dashboard to help our client achieve their requirements. We created a gated entry, so only registered clinicians can sign up for a free account and make use of the information. The credibility of the registered clinicians is verified by the admin before accepting new users. Once the clinician’s credentials are verified, they have access to all the material.

The App has options to access requests for new kits, supply of test kits supply of other items. CreativeHub ensured to develop a feature-rich mobile app across iOS and Android platforms which offered their users HIV screening services. Users were acquainted with registration and validation via this mobile app which reduced manual formalities. The dashboard was included which maintained a track of necessary data for the users, thus rendering them with a high quality of experience.

The Results

A successful campaign intending to provide a platform where populations can have access to all HIV related services in a confidential manner was developed and this campaign has benefited in bringing awareness of the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases and educating society about safe sex practices and encouraging people to get tested for HIV.

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