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Marketrix.io is a game-changing sales engagement platform that helps sales teams to conduct professional presentations, product demos, and pitch meetings quickly and easily. It has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses communicate with their customers and prospects, as well as how they manage team performance. 



At the heart of Marketrix’s technology is its intuitive user interface, which makes it easy for sales teams to plan, schedule, and deliver highly engaging pitches and presentations. This includes features such as


1.  Virtual tours

2.  3D product-viewing

3.  Integration of pitch creation

4.  Planning and virtual meetings into one platform. 


It also provides users with a convenient performance dashboard that allows them to easily track their progress over time with the “Engagement Score” 



In addition to the powerful features it offers for businesses, Marketrix allows customers to interact with the demo along with the salesman in real time. This creates a unique experience that lets prospects engage directly with products and services before making a purchase decision.


 It also gives them an opportunity to ask questions or clarify any doubts they may have about the offering during the presentation itself. 


Another great benefit of using Marketrix is its scalability; it can be personalized according to individual customer needs without sacrificing quality or consistency in delivery. The user can set up standardized demo environments for all customers so that everyone sees exactly what they need when engaging with your business—all without having to re-teach or explain complex concepts multiple times over again! 



Finally, Marketrix makes it easier than ever for sales teams to manage their team performance by allowing them to plan and schedule all their pitches, presentations, and demos from within one platform. This saves time while ensuring no important tasks are left out of the process – whether it’s preparing materials beforehand or organizing post-presentation follow-ups afterward. 

With Marketrix’s suite of innovative features at hand, there’s no limit to what you can do when connecting with your prospects or managing your team's performance!


Build your perfect sales pitch with marketrix to attract your ideal prospects and convert them into customers easily. 


Visit www.marketrix.io or email us at hello@marketrix.io


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