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Company Overview

Ceylon Jewelry Manufacturers is a high-end jewelry manufacturing organization that is also involved in exporting Gold and Platinum jewelry among its distinguished clientele. 

The Challenge

Ceylon Jewelry had a static B2B website that was clunky, slow to load, and difficult to update content on. Since most people are skeptical of purchasing jewelry online, it was critical that the website be credible and trustworthy. Hence CJ wanted both corporate and e-commerce sites to accurately portray the brand’s true essence. 

The key challenges raised were;


  • To develop an informative B2B site for increased transparency about the company, products, and manufacturing processes.


  • To develop a B2C site where the ordering system was integrated with online ordering, complete with a simple and intuitive purchasing process.


  • Optimize SEO for better site performance.


  • Improve the overall visual and user experience of the site to make it more engaging.


  • A backend that manages and holds products, orders, and customer information.

Our Strategy

Through thorough market research and continuous interaction with the client, we were able to understand CJ’s business goals and how they wanted their brand story to be conveyed.



Our Design Process





With a streamlined sitemap, we kept the navigation for both websites minimalistic. The websites offer a clean, straightforward design that emphasizes the merchandise, featuring predominantly white or pale gray backdrop colors, uncomplicated navigational options, clear text in simple typography, and a clutter-free browsing experience. Large, detailed, and high-resolution jewelry images were used. 


Both websites were designed with a structure and organization that made sense to visitors with menus and navigational options that were clear and easy to follow and inspired them to take action. 


The corporate site’s homepage was designed to highlight CJM's quality and service capabilities for competitive advantage. A narrative approach was adopted to describe each step in the jewelry-making process.


The e-commerce site’s homepage provides a comprehensive overview of the entire site, from which the user can navigate to internal sites from the home page itself. All jewelry was separated into a number of collections and a main page was incorporated for each one to provide the most convenient experience possible to visitors. The purchasing process was also made as seamless as possible. 

The footer of the B2C site has quick access to internal pages as well as links to important information such as the contact number, email address, privacy policies, and the corporate website.


Technology Implementation


For both the corporate and e-commerce sites, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Javascript were used as the front-end languages and PHP as the back-end language, complete with Mysql as the database.

For the B2B site, we used Model View Controller design pattern to optimize the code structures so that the performance and SEO improvements could be achieved, while component reusability was utilized to keep the project environment consistent and effective.


For the B2C site, we implemented reusable components to make the filtering and sorting of products more easier to integrate. Making Asynchronous Calls to the Server using AJAX ( Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) in form submissions allowed for a short round trip to and from the server to retrieve data without submitting the complete page back to the server. The most enticing feature of AJAX is its "asynchronous" nature, which allows it to communicate with the server, exchange data, and update the page without requiring a page refresh. 

PHP was extremely useful when encrypting sensitive data. This maintains security while addressing flaws. PHP also has optimized speed performance since it uses its own memory and competes well on speed.


The admin dashboard, which employs the Model View Controller design pattern, aids in the organization of the entire dashboard, which includes catalog, blog, order, gallery, and user management. Periodic report analysis and sales insights assisted the admin in gaining insight into daily sales statistics and taking the necessary actions to increase sales.


Furthermore, HTTP 2.0 was upgraded to include an SSL certificate and TLS 1.3 for secure browsing and data exchanges.  




We optimized the site to provide users with a positive mobile experience. By enhancing the site's JavaScript, we were able to improve page load speed and increase the crawl rate.  A site structure with strong internal linking and one that makes it easier to crawl and index all of your website's content by priority also were incorporated to boost SEO.


CJM screens


The Impact

Ceylon Jewellery results within the first three months 


The web performance of both the corporate and e-commerce sites improved considerably in a short amount of time, which helped bolster sales and revenue. The responsive, mobile-friendly design additionally helped maximize SEO. 


The website's fluid user-centric experience has allowed it to meet all of the requirements of a professional e-commerce platform. 



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