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Ceylon Jewelry Manufacturers

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The Company

Ceylon Jewelry Manufacturers is a high-end jewelry manufacturing organization and exporters of Gold and Platinum jewelry. With over 10 years of expertise in the jewelry industry, Ceylon Jewelry Manufacturers are known for stunning, modern designs of jewelry.

The Challenges

CJM was in need of an eCommerce website to enable online purchase of their high-end jewlery for their clients. 

However, we identified that the visitors may not purchase jewelry online due to lack of trust in online shopping for jewelry and product reliability. 


The key challenges : 


  • Develop an online store to raise sales and conversions.


  • An easy, trusted checkout process aligned with visitors' requirements.



Our Strategy

We suggested two payment methods: 


01. Order Online.  


Option 01: Place an online order inquiry and purchase in-store



  • A custom solution to process transactions offline.


  • ‘Buy now’ which directed them to place an order inquiry and receive an email invoice to proceed with in-store purchases.

 02. Payment portal



Option 02: Direct online payment via the Payment Portal


  • An online solution to make instant payments via the payment portal.


  • After placing an ‘order online’ inquiry, visitors can add the invoice number and proceed to a faster, secure and a convenient checkout.



The Payment Request Process : 

CJM Payment Process

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The Impact

Our team of experts were able to skyrocket the business sales, revenue with our “out-of the box” innovative, customer-oriented order placement solutions. We were also able to deliver a seamless, secure eCommerce website within the discussed the time frame. 




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