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The Company

Comfort World International is a manufacturer of Spring Air-USA mattresses and a distributor of high-end sleep-related products to top luxury hotels in Sri Lanka.


It’s also one of the only 35 licensees of spring mattress manufacturers in the world. 


The Challenge

Comfort World is an online e-commerce platform for comfortable sleep products such as mattresses, pillows, divans and so on. 


The site they had developed lacked informative, interactive, and user-friendly elements. 


As a result, they required a revamp of their e-commerce site and to introduce 3D product placements to drive more sales and stand out from the competition. 


Moreover, as an international brand new to the Sri Lankan Market, they were in need of leveling up their brand presence among the locals as well. 



The key challenges for us were:



  • Developing a secure, informative responsive eCommerce website to provide information about the company, products, and a seamless checkout 


  • 3D product placements for an immersive view of the products for the users and increase sales for the client


  • Designing a minimal, clean web design to enhance the overall UI and user experience


  • Creating a digital marketing strategy to elevate the brand presence and raise awareness of the fully integrated site

Our Strategy

Design Process (UI/UX)


On a mobile-first, we created the user flow, wireframes, and prototypes which were consistent with the brand style guidelines and branding elements. 



Home Page



First, we created a clean and minimal design that was attractive, high-quality and captivating.

With an easy-to-navigate structure, we included all the main pages such as About Us, Shop, Blog, and Contact Us in multifaceted navigation and were accessible as they scrolled down the site. 


Breadcrumbs were used to guide users through the site, and social proof such as client reviews on Google enhanced brand recognition and product value


We also organized the footer so that visitors could access the main pages and find categories of products, read terms and conditions, or privacy policy.


The home page also included a schedule for appointments so customers could get expert advice on products before making a purchase.


Comfort World Home Page
Comfort World Home Page



Product Pages 


The product pages were designed to be informative and interactive, with efficient filters and categorizations.


We incorporated high-quality images, mouse-over animations and useful details, such as product descriptions, stock availability, and prices.


Some products featured a '3D view' option,  so shoppers could see the 360° view of the products from all angles, right on their computer screens.


To save the time of the shoppers and facilitate ease of use, we integrated filters, sort options, categorized navigation menus, view options and a search bar.


Sort options helped them filter products of their preference, drop-down categorized navigation menus to find the relevant product category and view options (list, grid) to choose their viewpoint. 


Comfort World Product Page
The Product Page




The checkout process was simple and limited to a few steps. 


From adding the visitor information and selecting the preferred payment method, placing the order was a convenient process. 


We also ensured that the visitor's personal information and transactions were secure by enabling HTTP 2.0 with an SSL certificate and TLS 1.3 for safe browsing and encrypted data transactions.


The Checkout Page
The Checkout Page


Technology Implementation


To develop a user interactive e-commerce site, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were utilized as front-end languages and PHP as the backend language. 


The holistic architecture of the website was developed with a customized framework MVC (model view controller) design pattern. This allowed the extendability, adaptability, and scalability of the site.  


The site’s information architecture was structured in a way that search engines can recognize the store’s products and categories easily and display them for user queries.


Hosting the website on a cloud-based server with multi-region cached ensured more accessibility to a global audience. 


Understanding the requirements of the clients, we developed client panels for a fast and easy check out for the visitors. 


The customized platform allowed dealers to create their own accounts, track purchases, orders, and verify product serial numbers.  



Admin Dashboard



Within an e-commerce platform, an admin dashboard is a must. So we developed a robust, easy-to-use admin dashboard to manage products, customers, and dealers. 


For example, configure category management, sales handling, user management, and report generations of the store’s periodical sales were all available within the admin dashboard.





To get good search engine rankings, we optimized the site's SEO. We implemented technical SEO best practices and on-page SEO strategies. 


For example, improving page load times by optimizing the site’s JavaScript helped boost the crawling, and clear internal linking structures for the search engine bots to easily understand the products and pages were also added. 


An optimized sitemap that facilitates crawling and indexing all of the website’s content assisted with the site’s SEO. 


The site was also web responsive and compatible with any browser which influenced the user-friendly shopping experience. 




Marketing Strategy


To raise brand presence and increase visits to the newly developed e-commerce site, we created social media campaigns for a period of 6 months. 


Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook were prioritized to create engaging, informative content to raise awareness of the brand and its range of products. 


With targeted Google ads, we were able to attract potential buyers to increase conversions and sales. 


Mobile responsive design with the 3D product view. 


The Impact

Comfort World Web Performance


With the optimized user experience, 3D product placements, there was a surge in conversions and sales by 15% within 3 months and cart abandonment was reduced by 37%. 


As a result of the digital marketing strategies, monthly traffic volume increased by 45% and the session average duration increased by 20%.  


Eventually, we could meet the client's objectives and develop a user-friendly shopping experience and brand-beneficial e-commerce site.




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