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Marketrix : The Virtual Reality B2B Platform

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The Company

DPL or Dipped Products PLC is a Sri Lankan brand in protective hand wear and is a subsidiary under The Hayley's group that supplies over 10% of the world’s demand for synthetic gloves. 

The Challenge

Having experienced the effectiveness of the Marketrix platform and its ability to improve on B2B sales conversions for Haycarb PLC, the co-chairmen of the Hayleys Group, Dhammika Perera, and Mohan Pandithage required a Marketrix platform to be built for DPL as well.  


DPL, being a brand catering to an international audience, had consistent factory visits. However, they lacked the systems to measure and maintain customer analytics.


With a global pandemic taking place, unpredictability and inconsistencies of customer visits were the main issues that needed to be solved. 


Therefore, Marketrix by Creative Hub was customized as a digital customer experience to address these issues. 

Our Strategy

The Marketrix platform was created to include an immersive 3D virtual reality factory tour, detailed customer insights and data, and a secure, stable, high-performing platform infrastructure. 


The online virtual reality factory tour was developed to showcase visual and descriptive processes of the production and manufacturing plants. Hence, DPL could invite clients to visit the factories and guide them. 


Further, customers could monitor the robotic technology of dipping gloves, stringent maintenance of parameters, and sustainable manufacturing methods, all in a virtual environment. 


Moreover, the Marketrix platform also gives access to customer data and visual reports. Based on these reports, the sales team at DPL can track all their customer statistics for consistent future decision-making. 


The platform also offers inbuilt security and uses secure protocols such as SSL, TLS 1.3.  Node JS secure authentication and React JS contribute to faster higher performance. NGINX web server connected to Mongo DB  provides high output and less latency. 

The Result

Having implemented the Marketrix platform, DPL was able to bring to life an in-person customer journey through online virtual reality. 


With a sales enablement platform to statistically provide the essential information to both the customer and DPL, Marketrix serves to be a secure, and robust solution.  





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