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Asian Paints Causeway

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AR/VR programme

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The Comapny

Asian Paints Causeway is a multinational paint company engaged in the business of manufacturing, selling and distributing paint, coating and products related to home decor, bath fittings and providing related services.

The Challenge

The paint and coating industry in Sri Lanka has seen steady growth over the years. This industry has been able to provide a variety of products in a wide range of colours and adequate services, but customers still prefer to go with the traditional white paint.


Some of the main reasons are:

1. Lack of awareness of new colours and trends among the industry. 
2. Difficulty in obtaining samples of new colours from suppliers. 
3. Lack of skilled personnel to mix and match colours for customers. 
4. Lack of appropriate colour displays in retail outlets. 
5. Lack of facilities to allow customers to trial new colours before purchase.


We were given the challenge to develop a VR programme to interact with and manipulate objects in a 3D virtual world in order to provide the clients with a realistic experience to try new colours, get advice from the specialists before the purchase. We had an extremely tight deadline for designing, testing, and implementing a virtual platform.


Our Strategy

Our strategy was to give a minimalistic realistic visual user interface where people can play with different colours and textures to try out new things.



Design process

Our first step was to map out a simple home that included a kitchen and living room. 


Following that, we got 3D assets from Blender, tested them using the Unreal Engine tool which allowed us to import the assets and test them in a real-time environment. And altered a few elements, colours, and temperatures to make the assets suitable for our project.


Finally, with the use of Unreal Engine, we connected all dots by defining the interactions that need to be tested and the conditions under which they should occur. Then we implemented accordingly and tested to ensure all interactions are working as expected.


The results

From designing the architecture to testing and implementing interactions, we had a great time working on this project and seeing it all come together. 


Our designing, implementing and testing strategy successfully affected the project and resulted in a more efficient and effective outcome.

This programme was experienced by customers all around Sri Lanka, and were able to get positive feedback and it made people realise that they need to try new things.


Finally, we were able to satisfy our client Asian Paints Causeway with the VR experience that heads off to a new generation

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