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The Company

Foxfire Money is an Australian FinTech company supporting remittance businesses to make payments within Australia and around the globe. 


The Challenge

The fintech company, Foxfire Money had a single landing page that lacked the essential information and functionality of a professional, user-friendly website. 


Thus, the key challenges were,


  • Enhance the visual element to attract and retain the target audience 


  • Provide clear, efficient information about Foxfire services to improve conversions


  • Develop a secure, user-friendly, and search engine optimized website to boost web performance 

Our Strategy

First, we initiated the project after a thorough discussion and understanding of the client's requirements, business goals, and final product expectations. 


By conducting research on the FinTech industry, target audience, and competitor research, we identified the functionalities, technical requirements, and essential programming components for the Foxfire website.  



Our Design Process (UI/UX)



As the initial step of the design process, we designed site architecture, and wireframe mock-ups for UI/UX  on a Mobile-first approach. 


Next, by creating a style guide that aligns with the brand, we designed a user interface that is minimal, clean, and structured. 


In addition, scannable content with direct, simple, and informative web copy enhanced the Foxfire services and user concerns effectively.   



Technology  Implementation



To develop a user-friendly interface, Html, CSS, and Javascript were used as front-end programming languages. 


The backend was developed with PHP and Laravel framework to provide stable API connections and scalable architecture to support the business cases. 




Prioritizing site performance and visibility, the site's technical and on-page SEO content were optimized as per Google’s Core web vitals. 


Mobile optimization, cross-browser compatibility, and hosting the website on a cloud-based server with multi-region cached ensured more accessibility to a global audience. 


Moreover, HTTP 2.0 was enabled with an SSL certificate and TLS 1.3 for secure, safe browsing and encrypted data transactions.




After the development phase, the website was launched with a professional, user-friendly interface and sufficient functionality. 


In the effort to boost the site performance, frequent data backups were maintained as well as security and maintenance updates. 


Continuous user experience was also monitored and analyzed in order to measure ROI (Return of Investment), traffic, conversions, and reduce bounce rate. 



Responsive, SEO-friendly FoxFire Money Australia website


The Impact


Results within the first 3 months of FoxFire Money
Results within the first 3 months 


Finally, a seamless satisfactory Foxfire website was launched which was optimized and monitored for several months. 


Through the CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continues Development) pipeline, we were able to develop a website that was professional and accessible to all audiences. 




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