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The Company

Gennext is a digital transformation tech company that renders cutting-edge technology and tech solutions for digital workforce management, infrastructure, security, and end-user computing to businesses of all scales.


The Challenge

Gennext has been an IT solution provider for 10 years, yet was an unfamiliar brand within the Tech industry in Sri Lanka. 


The brand lacked social media presence and lead magnets such as blogs, case studies, and newsletters which raised awareness of their services and attracted more prospects. 


Hence, in celebration of the brand's 10th year anniversary, they required a digital strategy that could establish their brand position as a ‘hybrid IT service provider for corporates.’ 


Therefore, the key challenges were to


  • Create an effective digital branding campaign for their 10th year Anniversary


  •  B2B Marketing to raise awareness of the brand to attract new prospects 


  • Generate more leads and sales

The Strategy

Our digital strategy to create a solid brand identity was centered around Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle framework: defining the why, how, and what of the brand. 


Considering that the target audiences were mostly enterprises, businesses of all scales, and tech partners, we utilized B2B LinkedIn Marketing, Lead Generation, and Email marketing as our key tactics to enhance the brand visibility. 



First, in terms of the ‘why’, we decided that the brand purpose must be clear, authentic, and empathetic to connect to the audience. 


So our digital branding strategy was aimed to portray three primary objectives of the brand. 


These included unveiling a) a caring workspace with opportunities to upskill the new generation, b) a futuristic company that facilitates emerging technology through global partnerships, and c) a tech giant leading the digital transformation with affordable tech solutions for all enterprises. 




As the brand was celebrating its 10th year Anniversary, we created LinkedIn content that included video storytelling, testimonials of partners, clientele, and experiences of employees who had contributed to the brand's success.  


For example, we raised the brand identity through a storytelling approach in which employees share their 5-year journey and the clientele's experiences about the services and the tech solutions. 


From interactive posts to high-quality videos, we maintained an active social media schedule to connect and engage with the community. 


In addition, by adopting a newsletter strategy, we were able to onboard new clients, upsell sales goals, nurture leads and partners to progress a strong and active relationship. 





As we raised awareness of the brand, we also took steps to build the brand's reputation. 


In terms of  ‘how Gennext brings value to enterprises', case studies were produced and promoted on LinkedIn. 


These highlighted their latest services, the array of tech solutions, the local and international clientele. This ensured trust transparency, credibility in their services and create a valuable portfolio of 10 years of expertise. Social proof by clientele also enabled to generate more leads. 



In the ‘what’ stage, we explored “what solutions does Gennext provide?” and to position the brand as a ‘futuristic hybrid IT solution provider for businesses of all scales’. 


We wanted to onboard not only the renowned companies but also take into consideration the start-ups and small enterprises. 


Understanding the requirements of startups and large-scale companies, we directed our attention to educating the audience about Gennext products and B2B software solutions. 


For example, from low-value products such as anti-virus guards, office 360 packages, end-user computing devices, to high-tech cloud and security solutions. 


And with this approach, we reached a large number of businesses that were unaware of the low-value products which were affordable and the evolving tech solutions for enterprises that existed within the country. 


The Results

With our digital strategy for the 10th year anniversary, we built a strong brand recognition in the digital space, increased engagement and followers, scaled content, and were able to reap more conversions and sales. 


The tech giant witnessed a rapid following with a 20% rise in their LinkedIn follower base. 


Further, the brand garnered a massive growth in sales with a 33% increase within the first 3 months of the campaign. 


A surge in new inquiries from new prospects, and nurturing optimistic relationships with partners and clientele, were all positive outcomes we achieved from our branding efforts.  

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