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Haycarb PLC

What we did

3D Virtual Walkthrough

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The Challenge

The global contender wanted a comprehensive platform to facilitate its invaluable B2B customer experience. With the unavoidable circumstances created by the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, no party could physically visit their sites which posed threats on the expansion of their business.

Our Strategy

Having identified their requirement, our team brought to life the innovative solution of a virtual factory tour. We developed a B2B customer virtual experience platform to ensure a smooth customer experience for the critical customer base acquired and targeted by Haycarb. This enabled the sales team at Haycarb to provide prospects with a virtual tour of their factories.

The 3D virtual tour experience created by us offered an effective solution to the crisis identified by Haycarb. 

Our 3D artists and developers got the project off the ground with a comprehensive tour of the site with our high-tech equipment and proficiency in the subject.

The Results

We successfully built an effective solution for HayCarb to meet their prominent and timely requirement. Since the launch of the project, HayCarb has had a significant number of customers and partners, visiting them virtually and inquiring about their respective interests. On an overall basis, the procedure added value to the business with a notable ROI by reducing the cost on travel

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