How MyCola hit skyhigh awareness goals with a new brand proposition


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The Challenge

MyCola had a real spark at times when the brand was introduced to the market but could not maintain its consistency in the long run. Not possessing a strong, reliable, and continuous marketing approach, backed up by a compelling digital marketing strategy to meet the modern market requirements to stay ahead of the competition, has been a significant problem that MyCola faced. 

Our Strategy

Our market analysts conducted an unparalleled business analysis to find the perfect market repositioning that would benefit MyCola at its highest. Utilizing our expertise in the process, we were able to find an impeccable approach to reach higher magnitudes of considerations and conversions. 

Our brand strategists developed a new brand message and value in order for the local beverage manufacturer to reach its potential target market with a fresh and catchy attitude. 

The first-rate digital media strategists at CreativeHub initiated a compelling digital marketing approach to increase MyCola’s brand awareness and higher reach on their social media channels.

Our UI/UX engineers developed a high-end web solution to complement the overall marketing approach we took to enhance the brand preference and higher lead generation for MyCola. 

The Results

The Sri Lankan-based soft drink manufacturer, with a proud history that stretches back almost a decade, managed to re-enter into a sound business path with our strategically utilized brand reviving. The overall campaign is successfully driving increased sales revenue and improved brand recognition in the local beverage industry.

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