Adding Lubricant to Branding and Marketing of a Global Tyre Manufacturer


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The Challenge

Competing with global brands, Nankang wanted a more reliable marketing strategy to link up with its award-winning manufacturing and sales campaigns. With the overgrowing demand and the highly dynamic consumer journey, Nankang wanted to strategize its overall business approach to best fit the digital trends and needs of the modern-day and age.

Our Strategy

We composed a fine-tuned branding campaign in order to uplift the brand image of Nankang with an enhanced value proposition.  

Blending our knowledge and expertise in the subject, we delivered a comprehensive marketing strategy that Nankang could use to effectively reach their target market.

Our digital media strategists designed and ran several PPC, social media, and SEM campaigns complemented with an efficient ATL marketing campaign to drive optimal results towards Nankang’s sales journey. 

Our qualified team of UI/UX engineers and content creators wrapped up the overall campaign with a premium web solution to generate a higher volume of web traffic, ensuring a lower bounce-back rate.

The Results

Ultimate privileges of a compelling brand upliftment strategy.

Improved flow of qualified leads.

High-end web solution to strengthen the brand’s online presence.

Efficient marketing strategy to improve brand awareness and better reach the targeted customer persona.

A global contestant running its operations in the modern-day and age needs a convincing brand image and an efficient marketing strategy. Nankang managed to increase its brand preference and overall sales volume with the utilization of our unrivaled pack of solutions.

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