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Company Profile is an e-commerce store that caters to a wide range of consumer needs such as electronics, smartphones, food, clothing and other essential items. Quickee is powered by EFL 3PL, the most technologically advanced forerunner in 3PL, providing leading global logistics solutions.


The Challenge

Despite offering top-trending products and value-added services, they were failing to gain prominence in the digital marketplace industry. They were in need of a competitive brand positioning to set them apart from other e-commerce giants both local and international. Essentially they lacked the IT infrastructure and a team that was proficient in leveraging digital transformation for competitive advantage. Their objective was to grow their brand using a holistic strategy, reach their target audience and connect with them.


Our Strategy

In order to identify why lacked a clear and compelling brand positioning, our team conducted internal research on the company and its marketing techniques. With extensive market research and competitive analysis, we could determine key takeaways that would potentially drive Quickee’s brand differentiation. A clear positioning strategy was defined by emphasizing unique selling propositions on the customers' minds.


Our team focused on crafting a well-defined strategy by understanding a customer’s journey and thereby serving them with content in a way that could create value for the customer throughout their life cycle. We ensured that customers were engaged with the brand through a variety of touchpoints like social media, PPC, Email, and other referral marketing channels in a manner that created value for them on their journey to purchase.


Our team of developers also made significant UI/UX and functional updates within the website and Quickee mobile app itself, to back the conversion strategy put in place by the marketing team. A carefully augmented SEO strategy was used to boost SERP rankings. Continuous learning is a core aspect of our scope of work. By consistently collecting data and monitoring user behavior we’re able to adapt the website and app on a constant basis.


The Result

As’s technology partner and strategy consultant, we’ve laid the foundation of a smart digital transformation resulting in increased customer retention, optimized conversions, and overall increased revenue. Within a span of 90 days, website traffic increased by 40%. Our brand positioning strategy prompted increased brand awareness with a targeted community built around the brand, ensuring continues to gain more prominence in an exponentially growing e-commerce industry. 


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