Revamping Lexco Australia's Shopify website.

Lexco Australia

What we did

Increasing the total orders by 15%

Increasing online store sessions by 21%

Increasing returning customer rate by 20%

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The Company

Lexco Australia is a smart-living electronics company with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia,  that specializes in massage therapy equipment. 


Their Challenges

As their company grew, more customers visited Lexco Australia's Shopify-powered online store. However, a number of issues with the website's functionality and SEO optimization were raised, preventing the company from growing further.

Our Solutions

Upgrading the Shopify theme

In order to establish the tone for the brand, our developers understood they had to find the ideal Shopify theme. These Shopify themes vary in layouts and designs. Each theme offers a varied UX depending on how it was crafted.



With the aid of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, and Liquid, Shopify's theme templating language, we were able to significantly upgrade the theme we selected for Lexco and turn it into a viable tailored e-commerce design.


Utilizing SEO properly

Shopify supports a variety of third-party application connections and we employed BOOSTER SEO & IMAGE OPTIMIZER to improve traffic from Google image searches. This optimizer automatically optimizes JSON-LD, site maps, alt text, meta tags, and other elements.


Leveraging from Shopify Analytics

Shopify Analytics can be essential because it generates analytical data on Customer Activities, Marketing, Sales, and other challenges. With seamless integration of Google Analytics, we managed to produce a number of Custom Reports on Marketing, Inventory, Acquisition, Order, Sales, and Profit Reports. This helped Lexo in understanding where the market lies and what needs to be done to address its needs. 



Utilizing The Shopify admin panel

One of the most significant benefits of Shopify is that the admin panel allows users to sell products across multiple online "sales channels." Sales channels are the various platforms through which vendors can sell their products. Lexco could keep track of its customers, products, and orders by connecting each sales channel to Shopify.

Testing the revamp

We employed testing techniques like cross-browser testing, verification and validation of Shopify security patches, responsive mobile testing, thorough Shopify app testing, and data migration testing, among others, to make sure the most recent edition is error-free.

The Results

After we revamped their Shopify-based e-commerce website, Lexco Australia saw a significant increase in its clientele very quickly. 


We managed to successfully,

  • Increase the total orders by 15%
  • Increase online store sessions by 21%
  • Increase returning customer rate by 20%


along with optimized aesthetics and site architecture with a tailored revamp process, We led Lexco to a considerable upswing in total sales.

If you'd like us to redesign your Shopify-based e-commerce website or develop a completely unique solution to address your unique problem, send us a message at any time! 



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