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Introduction, a cutting-edge mobile application, empowers business professionals to streamline call management, boosting productivity and efficiency. With its user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art technology, seamlessly functions on iOS and Android devices, facilitating easy call management, note-taking during calls, and convenient chat features. Available on the App Store and Google Play Store, is the ultimate tool for professionals aiming to optimise communication.


The Challenge

While Recognizing the challenges that professionals experience in managing their daily calls with customers and clients, the client envisioned a solution in the form of a dedicated application. This application would streamline communication and enhance productivity, enabling professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.


Thus, our key challenges were to:

1. User Experience: Developing presents the challenge of creating an interface that does not only focus on business communication but also prioritises user-friendliness. To overcome the challenge of balancing business communication and user-friendliness in, we adopted a user-centric design approach. We conducted thorough user research to understand the pain points of professionals and their clients.


2. Cross-platform compatibility is crucial, guaranteeing the application works seamlessly on iOS and Android. To achieve this, we opted for a hybrid solution. Sparrow, our hybrid application, enables developers to employ a unified codebase that functions smoothly across Android and iOS devices.


  • Countdown Timer


Sparrow's countdown timer feature, powered by technology, establishes a persistent connection between professionals and clients. All these Facilitate real-time updates and synchronisation of the timer across all call participants, fostering a sense of urgency for productive discussions. The integration ensures instant updates for the start, pause, or completion of the call to be smooth and efficient.



  • Call Notes


Sparrow's technical infrastructure supports a note-taking feature during calls and offers users a seamless way to capture crucial information.  These notes are for future reference. This integration enhances organisational efficiency and facilitates effective communication by providing users with a technical solution to document and retrieve important insights discussed during calls.


  • Extend call

Sparrow's groundbreaking "Extend Call" feature ensures the ability to prolong their calls. The system seamlessly adjusts to accommodate extended call durations, fostering uninterrupted and seamless communication.


  • Chat feature 

Sparrow application excels in call management and also integrates a seamless chat feature. Powered by, it facilitates urgent messaging and information sharing among professionals and clients effortlessly. enhances Sparrow's chat functionalities, creating a robust and interactive platform for effective communication.


Technologies used

We used the latest technologies when developing below are the technologies we used as a technology solutions service provider :


  1. Agora Integration

In our continuous efforts to elevate the user experience, we have seamlessly integrated Agora, a cutting-edge real-time communication platform, to facilitate crystal-clear and efficient voice calls within the Sparrow application. This strategic implementation underscores our commitment to robust communication and introduces features that enhance the overall user experience.


  • Implementation

In the Sparrow application, we strategically leveraged the powerful capabilities of to enhance the user experience across multiple dimensions.'s Stream technology played a pivotal role in transforming Sparrow into a dynamic and engaging platform. Specifically, we harnessed the Chat Messaging feature to foster seamless communication among Sparrow users, facilitating real-time conversations and ensuring a responsive and interactive chat interface.


  • Firebase integration 

In the development of Sparrow, the incorporation of Firebase integration stands out as a pivotal enhancement. This integration boosts user engagement with effective push notifications. By ensuring that users receive timely and relevant updates, Sparrow creates an enriched and dynamic user experience.

The Results

The Sparrow mobile application not only streamlined the process of business calls but also elevated the efficiency and effectiveness of communication among professionals, clients, and customers. The implemented features collectively create a more productive and focused business communication environment.


Future of the application

At CreativeHub Global, we are committed to keeping Sparrow at the forefront of technological advancements in today's dynamic world.


AI will be integrated into Sparrow's note-taking process for effortless information capture during mobile calls.


Message translation enables seamless cross-border communication by translating messages into the recipient's language.


• Smart replies, suggested by AI, streamline communication and save time.


Download the app now and enjoy seamless business calls on the App Store and Google Play and experience seamless business calls.


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