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The Challenge

Online Teaching has seen an instantaneous global trend due to recent proceedings, namely COVID-19. Thereby, increasing the demand for online tutoring and Third Space Global facing the challenge of streamlining recruitment.

We at CreativeHub created a system in which all tutors are recruited online and filtered through a recruitment pipeline with multiple stages of assessments and interviews in order to select the finest and most competent individuals for the position. 

Our task was to reduce the number of man hours in Third Space Global’s employment stage and seek out the best tutors by revamping their recruitment platform via a website and building a brand identity to cater to the vital requirements of teaching primary students around the globe.

Our Strategy

Our team at CreativeHub studied the online tutoring market in Sri Lanka and India and evaluated the contrasting tendencies and behavioral patterns of those tutors. We were able to build their recruitment platform and improve scalability by providing web technology that has been developed to cater to delivering online teaching to school children in the UK. 

We then formulated a strategy which helped open up multiple recruitment channels that brought in the most suitable recruits. Amongst these, they are undergraduates, domiciliary mothers, unemployed and part-time females.    

The Results

The approach was able to successfully evaluate the tutor’s based on their skill levels in the form of english speaking and basic explanatory expertise, with the result being the teacher signing off with Third Space Global.

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