Tech in Architecture | Manjula Wijeyeratne | HUBtalk
Date Posted:   2022-09-01

How can technology build the architecture of tomorrow? Manjula Wijeyeratne, a well-recognized architect in Sri Lanka joined HUBtalk to answer the questions on the evolution of technology in architecture and design. With an experience spanning over 25 years, he has been the primary creative mind of ingenious architectural work in leisure, residential, education and sports sectors. He guides us through the endless possibilities that has emerged with modern technologies such as 3D printing, AutoCAD to create designs and construct buildings beyond words. CHAPTERS --------------------------------------------------- 00:00 Intro 00:24 Manjula’s introduction and experience 03:11 Technology and Architecture evolution 04:32 AutoCAD 05:04 3D Technology 06:02 3D printing in Architecture 07:26 How 3D printing works 10:47 Design Architectural Mindset 17:37 Would tech replace an architect? Connect with our Guest: 👷‍♂️ Manjula Wijeyeratne: Who Are We? CreativeHub is a Martech company that empowers businesses with robust product engineering and product marketing solutions. Our team will take your idea and bring them to life. Get to know exactly what we do: Visit our website: Follow CreativeHub: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: #HUBtalk #TechinArchitecture #ConstructionTechnology #AutoCAD #3DPrinting #SustainableDesign #InteriorDesign #ArchitecturalDesign #ParametricDesign #AIdrawings

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