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How our Shopify Developers revamped an e-Commerce website.

Lexco Australia is a smart-living electronics company that offers top-of-the-line massage therapy solutions. As the business flourished, more customers began to visit Lexco Australia's Shopify-powered online store. However, a number of issues with the website's functionality, and SEO optimization were brought up, which prevented the business from expanding further. Taking on Shopify's multitude of feature-rich solutions, such as order management, product inventory, payment gateway integration, and a user-friendly and responsive interface, necessitates a thorough plan, which is exactly where our team of skilled Shopify developers started.


Table of Content


The start of the transformation.

SEO implementation. 

Shopify Analytics integration.

Enhancing Shopify admin panel.

Evaluating the modifications

Results of the successful Alteration


The start of the transformation.


By conducting thorough research, our Shopify developers were able to map out Lexco's website's lacking business requirements. Our developers understood they had to re-design the right Shopify theme to set the tone for how visitors will perceive Lexco's website after the revamping process. Different themes offer various layouts and designs. A different UX is also provided by each theme based on how it is created.


Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JSON as well as Liquid, Shopify's theme templating language, we were able to remodel a viable tailored e-commerce theme for Lexco improving their current theme drastically. 


Liquid in action


Because Liquid is so close to Ruby's ERB or Django's template language, Shopify makes it incredibly simple for quicker integration. This allowed our Shopify developers to quickly integrate new logic flows without having to spend as much work on the backend systems that power e-commerce. 

SEO implementation. 


Keep in mind that the success of any online business depends on search engine optimization (SEO), which raises a website's search engine rating. Effective SEO techniques assist companies in expanding their online presence by connecting with a larger audience, which boosts sales. Users of Shopify can employ a variety of SEO tools to accomplish their intended objectives


To aid consumers in efficiently optimizing their websites, Shopify also supports a variety of third-party application connections. For instance, the Shopify App Store has an application called Smart SEO that includes several capabilities including automated metadata input, structured data delivery to different search engines like Google, multi-language compatibility, and many more. 


SEO apps


To improve traffic from Google image searches, another program called Booster Image and SEO Optimizer was employed. The program automatically optimizes JSON-LD, site maps, alt text, meta tags, and other elements.


Shopify Analytics


Shopify offers users a variety of analytics tools so they may evaluate the effectiveness of their online stores. To help Lexco optimize its operations and make more informed strategic decisions for growing sales, Shopify Analytics helps them by generating insightful data on Customer Activities, Marketing, Sales, and other topics.


The robust dashboard for Shopify shows vital statistics like Product Analytics, Live view, visitor demographics, total purchases, and more. To increase the possibilities of Shopify Analytics, We integrated seamlessly with Google Analytics. Additionally, the program generates multiple Custom Reports as well as Marketing, Inventory, Acquisition, Order, Sales, and Profit Reports.


Shopify analytics


The Shopify admin panel

One of Shopify's most significant advantages is that the Shopify admin panel allows users to sell products across multiple online "sales channels." The various platforms through which vendors can sell their products are referred to as sales channels. By connecting each sales channel to Shopify, Lexco could keep track of its customers, products, and orders.


Shopify admin panel


The admin store assists admin users in managing items, collections, and users as well as obtaining valuable sales analytics data by evaluating the effectiveness of Lexco's sales channels, recording order details, and tracking trends over time. Secure Sockets Layer, a security technology, was also used to create an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

Testing the model.


To ensure the latest edition is error-free, we used testing methods such as cross-browser testing, verification and validation of Shopify security patches, responsive mobile testing, extensive Shopify app testing, and data migration testing, among others.

Shopify often releases updates to make changes to the program or get rid of problems and flaws, much like all other software providers and e-commerce platforms. This may potentially result in additional problems, especially if your platform is significantly customized as we did for Lexco. This shouldn't discourage developers from using their expertise to the fullest.  


These bugs can be identified through testing, and these are some of the tests we performed to ensure Lexco was reaping the full benefits of the revamped website we developed for them.


1 .Critical functionality Testing

We put the revenue-critical processes to the test. This includes adding items to a shopping cart, checking out, and paying, but excludes less important features like filtering.


2 .Plugins/integrations Testing 

Making ensuring that data is properly moved between the CRM and payment portals by testing them.


3 .Cross-platform Testing

Users are most likely using Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Linux and with this testing method, we ensure Lexo's website functions flawlessly across all platforms.


Results of the alteration

Lexco Australia's customer base has grown significantly in a short period of time as a result of our redesign. The user-centric design and newly tailored Shopify theme we developed to prioritize the demands of the customers, led to a considerable upswing in total orders and return customer rates. The mobile-friendly design, optimized aesthetics, and site architecture were crucial in enhancing SEO in addition to the noticeably enhanced web speed where page load was no longer a problem. You can get a good look into the insights by checking the case-study we did for Lexo


The revamped website resulted in a significant increase in orders and online sessions.

There you have it! 


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